Definition of lis pendens in English:

lis pendens


  • A pending legal action, or a formal notice of one.

    • ‘It follows from the comparison of the legislation mentioned above that a common concept of lis pendens cannot be arrived at by a rapprochement of the various relevant national provisions.’
    • ‘He too was dealing with a motion to discharge a certificate of lis pendens after a transaction of purchase and sale was aborted for failure of the vendor to produce a certificate relating to soil quality.’
    • ‘There must be a clear and effective mechanism for resolving cases of lis pendens and related actions and for obviating problems flowing from national differences as to the determination of the time when a case is regarded as pending.’
    • ‘Such an interest is not sufficient to support a certificate of lis pendens.’
    • ‘But before a sale could be closed, the vendor received a letter from Treasury threatening to register a lis pendens on the land.’




lis pendens

/lɪs ˈpɛndɛnz/