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(mainly British lissom)
  • (of a person or their body) thin, supple, and graceful.

    ‘the kind of outfit that should be left to lissome teenagers’
    • ‘The horses were idling around - how she loved to watch them their shiny coats, lissome bodies, the graceful tilt to their heads.’
    • ‘And boy, the clothes did stick to the lissome bodies of the crowd on the ramp.’
    • ‘One may have wondered as the lissom ladies gracefully showcased the trendy jewellery.’
    • ‘Today she is as she was when we first met - shy, lissome, so slender a breeze could sway her, smiling; always smiling.’
    • ‘This week's stellar configurations incline you towards a refreshingly flexible frame of mind - a lissome, limbo-dancing attitude to the vicissitudes of daily existence.’
    • ‘I longed for its lissome grace to be blown by the wind into my body.’
    • ‘This explains some of the innocent ‘misunderstandings’ that occurred during my recent fact-finding tour of Bangkok; I thought those lissome lads just wanted to be my ‘friends.’’
    • ‘A kindly old man takes him in and teaches him how to shoot a gun - a skill that will come in handy - then dies, leaving behind a lissome granddaughter, Alphonsine, with whom Georges has a torrid but meaningless affair.’
    • ‘Tall and lissome damsels strutted onto the catwalk.’
    • ‘Tall, and lissome with a flawless skin, she first headed for Harvard, then returned to do a stint at a law school in Bombay before joining her sister in Bollywood.’
    • ‘I felt young and lissome in comparison, but I won't be seeing 39 again.’
    • ‘And they very much like lissome blonde lovelies with a winning smile and statistics that are undeniably vital so long as we aren't talking about her game.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, our world is infested by minds to whom lissome limbs only evoke dreams of amputation.’
    • ‘It was something more appealing than long-legged, lissome damsels setting the catwalk on fire.’
    • ‘Will King Richard III's evil flourish or will the lissome Prince Pippin claim the crown?’
    • ‘Beads of sweat began to appear on Guy's forehead as he became more entangled in the lissome limbs of this human boa constrictor.’
    • ‘If on a summer's stroll you see a giant creature or a lissome woman hanging from a tree, don't be alarmed.’
    • ‘Staggering out of the gym, I see lissome Linda heading to teach the aerobics class.’
    • ‘She's tall, lissome and very pretty as well as being smart as the proverbial whip.’
    • ‘Once a rather lissome belle of a teacher invoked in me a vivid fantasy that never leaves me to this day.’
    supple, lithe, limber, graceful, elegant, spry, flexible, loose-limbed, agile, nimble, deft, dexterous, fit



/ˈlisəm/ /ˈlɪsəm/


Late 18th century contraction, from lithe+ -some.