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list price

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  • The price of an article as shown in a list issued by the manufacturer or by the general body of manufacturers of the particular class of goods.

    ‘Smith argues that one indicator of the health of the UK housing market is to compare the average house price with the list price of a typical new family car.’
    • ‘The list price is the highest price that you can pay.’
    • ‘They signed a contract for the list price in September 2003.’
    • ‘This is 30 per cent of the list price of the car when new but may be reduced by the following percentages where the employee pays for running costs.’
    • ‘It carries a list price of $105 but should be discounted to $90 or less.’
    • ‘Analysts estimate the planes were bought for less than $30 million - $14 million under the list price.’
    • ‘Villas that achieved $190,000 last year now have a list price of $260,000.’
    • ‘With a list price of $500, it is one of the most expensive models on the market today.’
    • ‘Since April 2002, company car taxation has been calculated on the basis of the car's CO2 emissions and its list price when new.’
    • ‘Negotiating a large discount off the list price is great but can be negated if the dealer is able to get away with offering a below-market rate for a car being traded in.’
    • ‘The list price of the car when new is insignificant in today's terms.’
    • ‘Remember: the list price is purely the ‘top’ price, not the ‘right’ price!’
    • ‘Next, when looking at the list price, remember that it might not be your net price.’
    • ‘After all, why pay the list price when you can pay the lowest price?’
    • ‘This percentage shows the anticipated resale value of the van as a proportion of its list price based on age and mileage.’
    • ‘Most books are sold through a distributor, who takes 55% of the list price.’
    • ‘At a list price of around $60, this set is not worth the purchase even for those wanting to simply dip their toes into the '60s music culture.’
    • ‘It's not hard to save, say, 15% off the list price, which means saving £2,400 on a £16,000 car.’
    • ‘From January 1 a diesel car that was taxed at 17% of its list price will instead be charged at 20%.’
    • ‘At a list price of $26.98, this is the DVD bargain of the year so far.’


list price

/ˈlis(t) ˌprīs/ /ˈlɪs(t) ˌpraɪs/