Definition of listenability in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlis(ə)nəˈbilitē/


See listenable

‘But the fact that two of the EP's four unique songs spiral into cacophony at various points reduces the listenability of the EP.’
  • ‘I like this a lot more than other people I have spoken to, but it doesn't have the ongoing listenability of its sister album.’
  • ‘When asked what he likes about the album, he also mentions the fit of the songs; and it is true that there seems to be a flow contributing to the album's listenability.’
  • ‘Mercifully, the album evens out at a level of listenability that is less than ideal but not actively rotten.’
  • ‘It serves as a companion EP to the album, and continues their path as hip-hop's new prophets of social issues that don't sacrifice listenability under the guise of being next-level.’