Definition of literalistic in English:



See literalism

‘The theological pettifoggery of their literalistic religion has to be read to be believed.’
  • ‘How strange, then, that the sections of the Church which seem to be most ‘successful’ at the moment - or at least, the most noisy - are also the most literalistic, and least imaginative, of all.’
  • ‘And yes, I agree, reducing the film to a ‘dream’ etc is a little too… literalistic, for me.’
  • ‘Whether or not America is watching him - and, for the most part, it is not - he has stepped forward to represent a disapproving, literalistic, anti-politician populace.’
  • ‘In my literalistic mind, this question conjures up the image of a mime wrestling to carry two enormous, invisible burdens, each one by itself almost too large to grip securely.’



/ˌlitərəˈlistik/ /ˌlitrə-/