Definition of lithe in English:


(also lithesome)

Pronunciation /līT͟H/ /laɪð/

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  • (especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful.

    ‘she lay gazing up at his tall, lithe figure’
    • ‘She could feel the strength his lithe body possessed, even wounded and laying on a table.’
    • ‘For the inaugural event, the dancers' lithe bodies were swathed in white.’
    • ‘Hung on a stark frame, it was a mould of her long, lithe body.’
    • ‘He's slumped on the sofa, the lithe body swamped by a shapeless and shabby burgundy cardigan held together with a giant safety pin.’
    • ‘Her hair is so long that it frames her lithe body beautifully, forming a stark contrast to her fair skin.’
    • ‘She swung herself easily from hold to hold, her lithe body moving almost joyfully up the rock.’
    • ‘Her lithe body whipped around, talons slicing throats and underbellies as she attacked relentlessly.’
    • ‘He looked graceful and lithe, like a man who could take care of himself.’
    • ‘Show me lithe, well-honed bodies and I'm ready to sign up for classes.’
    • ‘I want to be thin and lithe and healthy and get rid of all this illness, all this frustration, all this hatred.’
    • ‘He's the lithe and supple hunter no more and, like me, he's settling happily into retired status.’
    • ‘The shadows coalesced in front of her, forming a thin, lithe form taller than she was.’
    • ‘His lithe, muscular body shifted under the black chain mail he wore over a thin tunic.’
    • ‘There was altogether a lithe gracefulness about him that was quite un-doglike.’
    • ‘One of my coworkers is a tall, lanky guy who is amazingly lithe and flexible.’
    • ‘With one hand on the hilt of her short sword, the lithe figure began running.’
    • ‘The lithe figure spoke briefly with the two men who were guarding the prisoners.’
    • ‘On the glass panel of the telephone box a lithe figure of ambiguous gender was blowing a trumpet fanfare to celebrate his arrival.’
    • ‘He's a lithe, flexible performer who plays at high speed and never seems to fatigue.’
    • ‘She goes to the gym three times a week to build up strength and stamina, and to keep her already lithe frame toned.’
    agile, graceful, supple, limber, loose-limbed, nimble, deft, spry, flexible, pliant, pliable, lissom, willowy, acrobatic, fit
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Old English līthe ‘gentle, meek’ also ‘mellow’, of Germanic origin; related to German lind ‘soft, gentle’.