Definition of lithotomy in English:



  • Surgical removal of a calculus (stone) from the bladder, kidney, or urinary tract.

    ‘Early Hindu surgeons performed advanced eye operations and practised lithotomy (surgical removal of a stone from the urinary tract) and plastic surgery.’
    • ‘In passing, until the advent of anaesthetics and antisepsis about 200 years later, the only internal operation generally undertaken was removal of bladder stones, or lithotomy as it was called.’
    • ‘Cheselden at St Thomas's introduced the keeping of accurate records that enabled him to analyse the morbidity and mortality of his lithotomy operation for bladder stones.’



/ləˈTHädəmē/ /ləˈθɑdəmi/


Mid 17th century via late Latin from Greek lithotomia(see litho-, -tomy).