Definition of litigiousness in English:



See litigious

‘The system is obviously working well since the litigiousness that plagues other countries is here only a patchy and sporadic affair.’
  • ‘Architecture, litigiousness, hospital design, fox-hunting, foot and mouth, organic farming and genetically-modified foods - the list of his concerns is long and varied.’
  • ‘Indeed, it is an area characterised by low investment and declining innovation, partly as a result of the climate of risk aversion and litigiousness, particularly in the USA.’
  • ‘In the current climate of litigiousness and antipathy to big companies, one can understand the haste to withdraw it voluntarily from the market.’
  • ‘Unless it can be shown that either of them knowingly blocked action that would have prevented the attacks, that's just more litigiousness.’



/ləˈtijəsnəs/ /ləˈtɪdʒəsnəs/