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litter box

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  • A box or tray containing granular absorbent material into which a cat can urinate or defecate.

    ‘While fully appreciating all the dangers of identity theft, I'd almost rather clean the litter box than shred documents.’
    • ‘It's a self-cleaning, electric litter box, but nothing is quite so satisfying as having a human doing the scooping for you.’
    • ‘It was at least eight shades lighter than his real hair, and it looked like it'd spent several months in storage at the bottom of a kitty litter box.’
    • ‘I carried the electric litter box out to the garage and set to work in the bathroom with Clorox wipes and paper towels.’
    • ‘But some carrots tops and fresh litter in the litter box and all is forgiven for the moment.’
    • ‘I'd like to have one of those here because it could clean the litter box for Spike and we'd never have to do it.’
    • ‘Empty the litter box, line it with a garbage bag and either leave it that way or put in a little aquarium gravel.’
    • ‘Place the litter box in an easily accessible spot.’
    • ‘Wash your hands after cleaning your cat's litter box.’
    • ‘Stay tuned for more exciting truths about cats and dogs, such as the shocking reality behind hairball consumption and what really goes on in the litter box!’
    • ‘The litter box is the first thing you should check.’
    • ‘The litter box should be emptied every day, because the stage of the parasite shed in the cat's feces does not become infectious for 24 hours.’
    • ‘First prepare a safe room for your cat, complete with a litter box, food, water, some toys, and a dog-proof baby gate across the doorway.’
    • ‘My parent's cat poops on the carpet when she's unhappy - whether it be with the state of her litter box or the fact that they just left her alone for the weekend.’
    • ‘‘The number one reason seems to be that they don't consistently use the litter box,’ she says.’
    • ‘I like the fact that with a cat you have a litter box.’
    • ‘Mother cats teach their kittens to use the litter box.’
    • ‘I don't recommend flushing anything you find in the litter box, especially if you have one of the low-water-flow toilets.’
    • ‘I find that it clumps well enough that cleaning the litter box is actually less of a hassle now than it used to be.’
    • ‘Keep your child's outdoor sandbox covered, especially overnight, to prevent wandering cats from using it as a litter box.’