Definition of littermate in English:



  • One member of a pair or group of animals born in the same litter.

    ‘he will now eat straight from the saucer with the rest of his littermates’
    • ‘He and his littermates were born in a flowerbed, back behind a thick tangle of ferns and caladiums, just the kind of den to make a mama cat twitch her tail in satisfaction and settle down to go into labor.’
    • ‘Animals were weaned at 25 days and housed with like-sex littermates until day 40 when they were individually housed prior to testing.’
    • ‘If you are considering a pair of kittens, you should be sure to get littermates.’
    • ‘The first rex cat born in captivity, a cream male subsequently named Kallibunker, arrived with a retinue of four straight-hair littermates on July 21, 1950, in Bodmin Moor.’
    • ‘Whatever her color she is alleged to have made her way to the Bozeman Humane Society along with her mother and five littermates, all of whom were garden-variety domestic shorthairs.’
    • ‘Transgenic animals had more than threefold the activity levels of those observed in wild-type littermates, as in the 7-day exposed newborns.’
    • ‘When the Ecstasy-exposed pups were placed in a new environment away from their littermates, they spent significantly more time exploring, signifying they did not adjust as easily to the new environment as the control animals.’
    • ‘By the end of this experiment, the control littermates became obese, whereas the transgenic mice still maintained a normal body weight and fat mass composition.’
    • ‘After 5 weeks of age, however, the mice began gaining weight rapidly and were about twice as heavy as normal littermates after several months, with at least a 2.8-fold increase in body fat content.’
    • ‘All the cats (we had five offspring there - our own Glinda, two of her littermates, and two of our older offspring, all with their new owners) got great individual judgings, and one was even nominated for the final.’
    • ‘One vital lesson shih-tzu puppies learn from their littermates and from the mother shih-tzu is how to bite, and how not to bite.’
    • ‘They weigh twice as much as their littermates, consume nearly two times as much food, have elevated fatty acid and triglyceride levels, are resistant to insulin, and often develop type 2 diabetes.’
    • ‘In contrast to hair follicles of nonaffected littermates, the follicles of mutants were curved and twisted randomly, thus producing wavy hair.’
    • ‘Mothers of rats have been shown to stimulate male neonates significantly more frequently than their female littermates.’
    • ‘Ten wild-type females crossed with mutant males gave birth to 22 heterozygous mutant mouse pups and 30 wild-type littermates, which were used as control pups.’
    • ‘At different time intervals, the researchers examined cells from the brains of seven mice that had received the transplants and compared them to littermates that had not received the transplants.’
    • ‘Swine producers have traditionally resected needle teeth in newborn pigs to prevent injury to the sow's udder because of nursing and to reduce facial lacerations when littermates fight.’
    • ‘Shih-tzu puppies normally learn to inhibit their bite from their mothers and their littermates, but since they are taken away from their mothers so young, many never learn this important lesson.’
    • ‘Separate a kitten from its mother or other tutor, and its mew will be basically the same as that of its littermates - a pattern that holds true for the howl of a wolf, the grunt of a gorilla, and the whinny of a horse.’
    • ‘After the immune system re-education therapy, all of the mice maintained normal glucose control, while their untreated littermates soon became diabetic.’



/ˈlidərˌmāt/ /ˈlɪdərˌmeɪt/