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little by little

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  • By degrees; gradually.

    ‘little by little the money dried up’
    • ‘Her face went slowly blank, little by little, and gradually her grip on his wrist lessened.’
    • ‘Let her go to school and be with her at the beginning and then gradually fade away little by little.’
    • ‘After that, I began to notice, little by little, this marvelous and mystical place where I have lived for years.’
    • ‘And like that, little by little, all signs of the house's history will be chipped away.’
    • ‘It is a country to be discovered day by day, little by little.’
    • ‘Squeeze it out, adding water little by little to prepare 1 cup of juice.’
    • ‘We are no safer and our freedoms are being taken away little by little.’
    • ‘Of course, certain meetings are surely built up little by little with perseverance and considerable waiting.’
    • ‘But, little by little, I did things that made me stronger and stronger.’
    • ‘Now, little by little, this has been repeated in the cinema.’
    gradually, slowly, by degrees, by stages, step by step, piecemeal, progressively, bit by bit, inch by inch, inchmeal
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