Definition of little ice age in English:

little ice age


  • A period of colder climate and increased glaciation occurring between warmer periods, in particular one such period which reached its peak during the 17th century.

    ‘Many paleoclimatologists have been suspicious of this graph as it contradicted long established theories of a medieval warm period and a little ice age during that time.’
    • ‘Although the cycle of the seasons had its role, each season varied from year to year and over long periods of time climatic variations had resulted in the warm summers of the early 13th century and the little ice age of the 17th century.’
    • ‘Sodium levels in both the Greenland and the Antarctic ice sheets show that there was a marked increase in storminess around 1400 AD, a time when there was a short period of intense cold that has been nicknamed ‘the little ice age.’’
    • ‘Temperatures were higher in medieval times than they are now, and the twentieth century represented a recovery from the little ice age to something like normal.’
    • ‘The earth has gradually been warming since the little ice age, again with a few peaks and dips in temperature.’
    • ‘This theory, known as the Milankovitch model, is now widely accepted as a good explanation of the ice-age cycle, although it does not explain what may trigger an ice age, or cause the mini-cycles of optima and little ice ages.’
    • ‘If it were to slow significantly or stop (which appears to have happened in the past), Europe could very quickly plummet into a little ice age.’
    • ‘Two centuries ago, much of the Northern Hemisphere was emerging from a little ice age.’
    • ‘These results show that there were episodes during the height of the little ice age when El Niño was just as strong, if not stronger, than the 1997 and 1982 El Niño events.’
    • ‘While documenting the rapid climate shift known as the little ice age, he traces its effects on history and human experience, from the demise of Viking colonies in Greenland to the Irish potato famine.’
    • ‘For example, the Gangotri glacier between Kashmir and Nepal is retreating at an accelerated rate that cannot be accounted for by lingering effects from warming after the little ice age over 200 years ago.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is part of a counter swing to the little ice age.’
    • ‘Sunspot activity seems to have been less common during the little ice age, and this further confuses the issue.’
    • ‘King Canute dug peat to keep his people warm through the little ice age.’
    • ‘During the little ice age, solar activity was known to be lower than it is now.’


little ice age

/lidl īs āj/ /lɪdl aɪs eɪdʒ/