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Little League

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  • Youth baseball or softball under the auspices of an organization founded in 1939, for children up to age 12.

    ‘I was wondering what active major league players played in a Little League World Series game?’
    • ‘The games of Little League baseball and softball are played on six continents in more than 100 countries by millions of children.’
    • ‘He was a California outfielder that had been hyped since Little League and had Major League pedigree to boot.’
    • ‘We had never been Cub Scouts; Little League baseball and other organized sports filled most of our spare time.’
    • ‘If you play Little League baseball, that's a lot of pressure when you're that age.’
    • ‘He showed up at the swim meets, soccer matches, Little League baseball games, school plays and recitals.’
    • ‘A friend was telling me about his son's Little League game a while back, and how his team was forced to forfeit because a rule of some sort was broken.’
    • ‘And millions of families enjoy the experience of youth soccer, rivaling Little League baseball.’
    • ‘When Jackie was of Little League age there was no Little League.’
    • ‘The average 1960s kid played Little League and maybe Pop Warner football.’
    • ‘Despite my being pretty bad at baseball, my Little League teams won championships all six years I played.’
    • ‘He was 12, playing Little League ball in upstate New York for the Twins.’
    • ‘Because we didn't have a full team until I started playing Little League ball.’
    • ‘David had returned to school and played Little League baseball in the spring.’
    • ‘A couple of us Little League coaches got into a discussion about how to score a catchable fly ball that drops untouched in the outfield.’
    • ‘Forty years ago, our Little League team from Cambelltown, Pennsylvania won the local championship.’
    • ‘If you played shortstop in Little League, you probably can remember when the coach brought you in to pitch to nail down a win.’
    • ‘Everywhere you find them, the casinos support hospitals, Little League baseball teams, high school band trips.’
    • ‘From Little League all the way to Cooperstown, there's a fraternity convened by the adrenaline rush of throwing a baseball.’
    • ‘It's no different than Little League baseball in this country.’


Little League

/lidl lēɡ/ /lɪdl liɡ/