Definition of little or nothing in English:

little or nothing


  • Hardly anything.

    ‘I can find little or nothing to fault in this book’
    • ‘Given that such treatment is typical, one can hardly blame players for saying little or nothing.’
    • ‘The majority of organisms on Earth learn little or nothing during their individual lifetimes.’
    • ‘For 25 minutes we were treated to a close, tight encounter with little or nothing to choose between the sides.’
    • ‘87 per cent felt they knew little or nothing about the proposed changes to council structures.’
    • ‘The physical setting of the monument, moreover, suggests little or nothing of the sacred.’
    • ‘Otherwise, it was stalemate with little or nothing between the sides.’
    • ‘The gifts will be received by children in countries where war, poverty, and natural disasters have left them with little or nothing.’
    • ‘Any new programs that Congress might adopt would cost the average American little or nothing.’
    • ‘Fully 40 percent said the jobs they were doing had little or nothing to do with their training.’
    • ‘We know little or nothing about the various party policies.’