Definition of little owl in English:

little owl


  • A small owl with speckled plumage, native to Eurasia and Africa.

    Athene noctua, family Strigidae

    ‘He said native British birds that could lose out include the little owl, green woodpecker, and kestrel.’
    • ‘There are short-eared owls (active in daytime) overwintering near Bempton Cliffs at the moment - and if you go to Blacktoft Sands you may be lucky enough to see barn owls gliding about at dusk, little owls or short-eared owls.’
    • ‘There was also lots of other great wildlife to see in the area around Malham Cove including nesting little owls, green woodpeckers and redstarts.’
    • ‘The owls are among 110 species of wildlife which have been seen on the site, including little owls and jackdaws, which are taking advantage of the favourable conditions at the 820-acre site.’
    • ‘The little owl, now common in Britain, is though to have been introduced from Holland round about 1875.’


little owl

/ˈlidl oul/ /ˈlɪdl aʊl/