Definition of Little Russian in English:

Little Russian

Pronunciation /ˌlidl ˈrəSHən/ /ˌlɪdl ˈrəʃən/

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  • A Ukrainian person.

    ‘Not everybody is put off by their outrageous prices, but when the puppies grow up they turn out to be not of pedigree blood, but ordinary Little-Russian mongrels.’
    • ‘Similarly, Russian and Ukrainian novosely distinguished themselves vis-a-vis one another as ‘Great Russians’ versus ‘Little Russians’ or as ‘Muscovites’ versus ‘Khokhly.’’
    • ‘‘Ukrainian’ was considered a fake nationality under the Czars, when they were referred to as ‘Little Russians’ (as opposed to the ‘Great Russians’ of Muscovy).’
    • ‘Neither can be regarded as ‘‘Little Russian’ thinkers’.’


  • Relating to Ukraine.