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little toe

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  • The smallest toe, on the outer side of the foot.

    ‘Hard corns usually develop on the top of the toe or on the side of the little toe.’
    • ‘Instead of ducking out of the way (I telegraphed badly), Woody slipped inside my flailing offense a bit too far, stabbing his foot on the little toe of my pivoting foot.’
    • ‘For his part, O'Neal has served two stints on the injured list due to an arthritic big toe on his tight foot, which likely will require offseason surgery, and tenderness in the little toe of his left foot.’
    • ‘He stubbed the little toe on his right foot while getting into bed on Halloween night 1995 and missed the ensuing game.’
    • ‘Then I wrap the tape around starting at the big toe at a 45 degree angle to the outside of the anchor strip around the sole, continuing around the foot over the little toe and around again.’
    • ‘As the working knee continues to straighten, the foot adjusts slightly as the heel is lowered toward the floor and is pulled in to the little toe of the supporting foot.’
    • ‘He had surgery in March on the little toe on his left foot.’
    • ‘‘We can't have a situation where players stay at home just because the little toe in their left foot hurts,’ he said.’
    • ‘Knees are apart and the outside edge of each foot from the little toe to the heel are pressed against the wall.’
    • ‘Nearly always, our sessions went this way: we'd start with 45 minutes of exercises, addressing muscles from our little toes to our shoulder-blades.’
    • ‘During his initial work-up he admitted he had a 45-year history of chewing two packages of tobacco daily and that his right little toe was blackened.’
    • ‘Bunions can also occur on the joint of your little toe (bunionette).’
    • ‘This deformity presents as adduction of the little toe with some external rotation of the digit.’
    • ‘The press, of which I consider myself some vestigial part - a little toe or an appendix at best - works in mysterious ways.’
    • ‘If the same movement starts to angle your knees outwards, towards your little toes, then you supinate.’
    • ‘But I dropped it on my foot - it probably broke my little toe by the way, thanks for asking.’
    • ‘I'm not sure what your feet are like, but it sounds as if it may be related to the arch of your foot or the base of your little toe.’
    • ‘Stretching the two big toes toward each other and the little toes away from each other strengthens and lifts the three arches of the foot.’
    • ‘I heard somewhere that people break their little toes all the time, and then the toe heals without anyone particularly noticing.’
    • ‘‘I sew,’ she said finally, dropping the words hesitantly into the room like a swimmer testing the ocean with his little toe.’


little toe

/ˈlidl tō/ /ˈlɪdl toʊ/