Definition of live-work in English:



  • Denoting or relating to property which combines residential living space with commercial or manufacturing space.

    ‘housing on the site might include live-work units for small businesses’
    • ‘His son, Louis, 4, plays in a roof garden above their live-work property in Hackney.’
    • ‘We took the groups through a series of presentations which showed by the use of good design how the live-work concept can be fulfilled.’
    • ‘In May of this year, Santa Monica had 156 live-work studios.’
    • ‘He said the proposal is to build 74 live work units at the former Lucent site on the Swindon Road, near Malmesbury.’
    • ‘In the Grand Oaks area, they wanted to explore a mixed-use project — either a residential village or commercial and live-work emphasis.’
    • ‘Before the Lamonts could begin turning it into a live-work space, there was the task of "strapping the building back together".’
    • ‘Recommendations include linking two local assets, bioscience and agriculture; creating more space for the arts; and working with developers to produce live-work neighborhoods.’
    • ‘We followed this up with a presentation from our architect who said the live work units are not going to become residential houses.’
    • ‘For those who have heard (or read) his complaints about the "illegal use of live-work lofts," this was quite a note of hypocrisy.’
    • ‘He is having conversations with future tenants of the building's spaces, including a pair of live-work apartments and a cafe.’
    • ‘Many small businesses start at home in live-work space, which is generally not permitted by municipal zoning (as many artists know).’
    • ‘Half of the 12 studios are set up as dual live-work spaces, and Thompson said that all of them have been promised, primarily to painters like himself.’
    • ‘And it provides extra live-work space in the form of a workshop and large office, as well as having been transformed into a handsome house and gallery.’
    • ‘This live-work project was instigated by Coastcare, as part of a coastal project involving Sunset Beach coast and City of Geraldton.’
    • ‘The 23-acre Richmond project envisions live-work lofts and high tech offices.’
    • ‘The dot-com era in San Francisco provoked responses from the activist community over live-work lofts, illegal evictions, and the displacement of working people and artists from their traditional communities.’
    • ‘There will also be live-work units and bed-sit accommodation.’
    • ‘This monstrosity, completely out of context with existing development in the neighborhood, will be accessible only to the wealthy, forcing thousands of average Williamsburgers from their homes and live-work spaces!’



/ˈliv ˌwərk/ /ˈlɪv ˌwərk/