Definition of live action in English:

live action


  • (in filmmaking) action involving real people or animals, as contrasted with animation or computer-generated effects.

    as modifier ‘a live-action version of the cartoon’
    • ‘Unique within the Calling Card program, it's a film that mixes live action with stop-motion animation.’
    • ‘In that respect the animation fares much better than Japanese live action films dubbed to English.’
    • ‘You may think that an animated film cannot match live action for a good, scary mystery.’
    • ‘And this is why very few real live action films about nature have not been made.’
    • ‘When the film switches to live action in the middle of the credits, for a second, it is hard to tell that anything is different.’
    • ‘We have a lot of scenarios, for a mixture of live action and animation.’
    • ‘In many ways digital cinema treats live action footage as just one of numerous possibilities for content.’
    • ‘Animation far exceeds live action when it comes to a dubbed language track.’
    • ‘There is another major piece of the puzzle that remains a weight over both animation and live action.’
    • ‘What makes you choose live action or animation as a medium to work in?’
    • ‘Films can be of any genre - live action drama, animation, documentary - even a combination of the above.’
    • ‘To me, live action cinematography and narrative is pretty much everything.’
    • ‘Video quality is, in my opinion, harder to assess for animation than it is when dealing with live action.’
    • ‘It is half live action, half hyperrealistic animation.’
    • ‘The lovably loathsome character is coming to the small screen in a mix of live action and animation and will ooze with fun for all of the family!’
    • ‘The work showed a director able to blend live action and special effects in powerful packages.’
    • ‘Animated adventures offer us a world impossible to visit in live action.’
    • ‘That was something I didn't think was even going to be animated, I might have thought of it as live action.’
    • ‘Actually, I believe it is a real live action affair with added animation.’
    • ‘There's surprisingly little action and what there is reminds us that part of the fun of live action is the sense that the actors might really be in danger.’


live action

/ˌlīv ˈakSH(ə)n/ /ˌlaɪv ˈækʃ(ə)n/