Definition of live blog in English:

live blog


  • A blog providing commentary on an event while it is taking place, typically in the form of frequent short updates.

    ‘keep sending your comments to our live blog’
    • ‘He was running a live blog for us from the event.’
    • ‘For a live blog of the summit you can have a look here.’
    • ‘I don't blame most of the people doing these live blogs.’
    • ‘You can go there and post your comments our live blog right now.’
    • ‘Anderson, of course, has the night off, but we are still on the live blog.’
    • ‘Don't forget that the Bomber Blog will be running a live blog of all the action from tonight's game, starting at 8pm AEST.’
    • ‘There were 400 people in the queue at 03:00 this morning, according to Stormy's live blog.’
    • ‘Thanks to all those hearty Bomber fans from all over Australia and beyond who checked out the live blog of the fateful trip to Adelaide.’
    • ‘Check out our live blog and also the camera inside the studio during commercial breaks.’
    • ‘Having written the live blog on Friday night, there will not be a big review of the match - and besides, the less reflecting on the 23 goal thrashing, the better.’
    • ‘There were a number of live blogs for the award knocking around, but this one probably captures the ceremony best (at least for someone who didn't see it).’
    • ‘Also, I'm about to log on to the live blog.’
    • ‘Welcome to our live blog of Oscars 2009.’
    • ‘The snow is due to turn heavier and more persistent this afternoon, according to the Met Office (see our live blog for more details).’
    • ‘Keep sending your comments to our live blog.’
    • ‘Don't forget that John is on our live blog chatting with you.’
    • ‘The live blog is up and running.’

transitive verb

(also live-blog)
[with object]
  • Post commentary about (an event) online while the event is taking place, typically in the form of frequent short blog updates.

    ‘the Wall Street Journal live-blogged the launch’
    • ‘Skippy will be live-blogging several panels today.’
    • ‘He is live-blogging a conference at Berkeley called "Crisis in News: Is There a Future for Investigative Reporting?"’
    • ‘Notes are also going to be up on the wiki, but I'll live-blog too.’
    • ‘I think I might take his suggestion and live-blog the election night though.’
    • ‘But here we are, live-blogging CES 2006 like nobody's business.’
    • ‘If you're live-blogging the game, drop a link in the comments.’
    • ‘Although the urge to live-blog the convention was strong, I resisted.’
    • ‘I was gonna be a good boy and watch Kerry's speech - maybe even live-blog it!’
    • ‘Because I'm not afraid to tell you that I'll be back tonight to live-blog American Idol.’
    • ‘Jay is live-blogging the show.’
    • ‘I think it was a better idea to take a digital camera and post the photos later rather than to try and live blog it.’
    • ‘As I watched all of this unfold, the only thing I regret having not done was bringing my work laptop so that I could have live-blogged the occasion.’
    • ‘We're going to live blog game 5 starting in the 2nd quarter.’
    • ‘Many people were live-blogging the event and obviously there have been quite a few recaps of PubCon as well.’
    • ‘I probably should have live-blogged this double-overtime classic.’
    • ‘A blogger nearby perked his ears up from three feet away and started live-blogging the conversation.’