Definition of live it up in English:

live it up

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  • Spend one's time in an extremely enjoyable way, typically by spending a great deal of money or engaging in an exciting social life.

    • ‘they're living it up in Hawaii’
    • ‘I feel like I should be living it up, having an exciting life.’
    • ‘They spent this week living it up in Cape Town instead of acclimatising to altitude.’
    • ‘They have lived it up and spent their way all throughout the eighties, never saving a dime.’
    • ‘They and the whole class they represent will spend the rest of the summer living it up at a whirl of social events.’
    • ‘Most eighteen-year-olds I knew were in college, partying, and living it up.’
    • ‘I thought ‘young people today’ spent all their dosh on mobile phones, gadgets and living it up.’
    • ‘By rights, I should be a millionaire, living it up on some island somewhere.’
    • ‘I'm not a great one for living it up till the early hours but I love breakfast meetings.’
    • ‘She survives on £50 a week state hand-outs while he lives it up in style after winning £1.5 million on the Lottery.’
    • ‘But she denied her kids had been abandoned as she lived it up on boozy nights in Turkish bars and clubs with friends.’
    live extravagantly, live in the lap of luxury, live in clover
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