Definition of live out in English:

live out

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phrasal verb

  • 1live something out, live out somethingDo something in reality that one previously only imagined.

    • ‘your wedding day is the one time that you can live out your most romantic fantasies’
  • 2live something out, live out somethingSpend the rest of one's life in a particular place or particular circumstances.

    • ‘he lived out his days as a happy family man’
  • 3British (of an employee or student) reside away from the place where one works or studies.

    ‘I'm looking for a job as a housekeeper or nanny to live in or live out.’
    • ‘If you're in halls and you plan to live out next year, you should start looking in the February or March before.’
    • ‘Most students on four-year courses live out in their final year.’
    • ‘The Chalet has two staff, who live out.’
    • ‘Would you prefer a nanny who lives out?’