Definition of liver fluke in English:

liver fluke


  • A fluke which has a complex life cycle and is of medical and veterinary importance. The adult lives within the liver tissues of a vertebrate, and the larva within one or more secondary hosts such as a snail or fish.

    Many species in the subclass Digenea, class Trematoda, including the Chinese liver fluke (Opisthorchis sinensis), which infests humans, and Fasciola hepatica, which infests sheep and cattle

    ‘In such a situation there are always parasites present like the liver fluke and the tapeworm that can be transmitted from the fish to man, and could be dangerous to the health of the human being.’
    • ‘In 2001, for example, some lamb plants reported more liver contamination because of a worm that uses the dog as a host than from liver fluke.’
    • ‘We call the two or three neuron system of a liver fluke a reflex loop.’
    • ‘And while tipped topics like human reproduction and photosynthesis did not come up as expected, liver fluke and respiration did and students seemed pretty happy with the papers.’
    • ‘The eggs may be found in uncooked meat, especially beef or pork and the liver flukes are found in uncooked fish.’


liver fluke

/ˈlivər ˌflo͞ok/ /ˈlɪvər ˌfluk/