Definition of living rock in English:

living rock


  • Rock that is not detached but still forms part of the earth.

    ‘a chamber cut out of the living rock’
    • ‘A warm yellow light flowed into the passage, brightening with every step until, without any presage, the narrow channel opened into a vast, arched cathedral, fashioned out of the very living rock.’
    • ‘The south-west stand is dug into the hillside to create a Piranesian undercroft of stairs, lifts and concourses set against a backdrop of living rock.’
    • ‘They had been carved out of living rock, she was certain.’
    • ‘Glaciers had carved it out of living rock, and the hermit was a mere insect, trying to blend in with the colors of Himalayan permanence.’
    • ‘There is another world beneath the water, a reefscape of living rock and vibrant swimming life.’
    • ‘Rising vertically from the plains, some of these huge monoliths soar to a height of 400 metres, and the squat buildings on top of each appear to be hewn out of living rock.’
    • ‘For the pool is not just a simple water-filled hole; it is the entrance to an enormous flooded cavern deep within Gibraltar's living rock.’
    • ‘Pecked out of the living rock, or on free standing boulders like this one, carved on sandstone cliffs, cup-marks have been discovered world-wide and have over one hundred theories as to their purpose.’
    • ‘And in Ethiopia, we present a study of the country's remarkable early Christian churches, impressive and beautiful monuments to faith that are literally hewn out of the living rock.’
    • ‘I went to the bathroom, which looked like it was hewn out of the living rock and, sure enough, had an entire closet full of fluffy bathrobes for the mansion's preferred guests.’
    • ‘Stepping into her leather sandals she stepped through the round door out of her room and into the long curving hallways carved into the living rock.’
    • ‘At his capital, Roha (now called Lalibela), he commissioned the construction of a large number of shrine churches hewn from the living rock.’
    • ‘Inside is an altar-like sculpture cut from the living rock which still shows signs of carved projections that could be used to trace the sun's course during the year.’
    • ‘The use of stones in this way is not uncommon from the early Neolithic onwards and it has been speculated that the living rock was itself held sacred by early farming communities.’
    • ‘The pedestal, which is without the usual allegorical accoutrements, seems roughly hewn from the living rock overlooking the river Neva.’
    • ‘At first, the burial chamber was to be placed deep underground, with a descending passage and an initial room being carved out of the living rock.’
    • ‘No one knows who they were, or what they were doing, but their legacy remains, hewn into the living rock - of Stonehenge.’
    • ‘They blew defensive positions out of the living rock, and turned stone-built villages into strongholds.’
    • ‘The giraffes are exquisite, fashioned from a deep, polished engraving into the living rock.’


living rock

/ˈliviNG räk/ /ˈlɪvɪŋ rɑk/