Definition of loading in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlōdiNG/ /ˈloʊdɪŋ/


  • 1The application of a mechanical load or force to something.

    ‘the branches of a tree diminish in cross section according to their loading’
    • ‘In this study we combined simultaneous mechanical loading and visualization of the microstructural components in the same arterial specimen.’
    • ‘We tested the role of desmin in initiating such pathways via direct visualization of muscle nuclei before and during mechanical loading.’
    • ‘Therefore, we selected 5000 cycles of loading to simulate such mechanical conditions.’
    • ‘The tests were carried out with different methods and directions of mechanical loading in order to initiate the movement of each sapling.’
    • ‘Relative loads take into account both amplitude and duration of loading (force over time).’
    • ‘Any retained austenite in the steel microstructure can transform under mechanical loading to martensite with a resulting increase in volume.’
    • ‘Using cables to pull the subject downward, the same impact load, bone stress and muscular loading will be reproduced in weightlessness as if they were running or walking on Earth.’
    • ‘Both tectonic stress and gravitational loading by overburden can produce pressure dissolution.’
    • ‘Just by holding the clutch down I could see how hard it is to hold the car; I can imagine how hard it would be to hold the car when the car is under the strain of the centrifugal loading.’
    • ‘If the microtraumatic damage to bone is greater than the capacity of bone to repair it, a stress fracture may occur at the site of repetitive loading.’
    • ‘Since they are mechanical, increase the loading on the joint and it wears out quicker.’
    • ‘The natural stimulus for bone to maintain its functional strength is the loading which results from gravitational forces and the tensions exerted by muscular activity.’
    • ‘The backstripped tectonic subsidence curves presented here indicate that the Late Carboniferous South Wales coalfield probably formed due to flexural loading in a foreland basin setting.’
    1. 1.1The amount of electric current or power delivered to a device.
    2. 1.2The maximum electric current or power taken by an appliance.
    3. 1.3The provision of extra electrical inductance to improve the properties of a transmission wire or antenna.
  • 2The application of an extra amount of something to balance some other factor.

    1. 2.1An increase in an insurance premium due to a factor increasing the risk involved.


in combination
  • (of a gun, machine, or truck) loaded in a specified way.

    ‘a front-loading dishwasher’
    • ‘Front loading washing machines are often used where top surface access is limited.’
    • ‘Based on these advantages and disadvantages, the front load washer is the clear winner and is generally the most preferred.’



/ˈlōdiNG/ /ˈloʊdɪŋ/