Definition of loadspace in English:



  • The space in a motor vehicle for carrying a load.

    ‘the seats lowered to create a flat loadspace’
    • ‘the wheel arches take up loadspace’
    • ‘A rubber mat and four tie-downs make the loadspace adaptable for many uses.’
    • ‘Boasting outstanding performance, chassis dynamics, loadspace and packaging ideas, Subaru's Forester will be present for offroad adventures.’
    • ‘The X3 is noticeably more compact externally than the X5, but offers almost as much room inside and, paradoxically, has a larger loadspace.’
    • ‘Behind the cab, the loadspace comes with the same dimensions as before.’
    • ‘Lashing points are handily placed in each corner of the loadspace to secure any awkward-shaped packages.’
    • ‘The front passenger seat also folds flat to maximise loadspace.’
    • ‘There is plenty of space inside the car, a whopping amount of loadspace in the boot and a seriously large fuel tank to give the car a superb long-distance touring ability.’
    • ‘The Hyundai does not have a boot - it's more like a hatchback with split-folding rear seats and not a lot of loadspace.’
    • ‘Meriva can be transformed in a matter of seconds (ten seconds per seat) from a five-seater to a single seater with acres of loadspace.’
    • ‘Even with the rear seats raised, the loadspace is capable of swallowing the bulkiest of items.’
    • ‘The LWB can handle weights up to 809 kg with 3.07m³ of loadspace with the 2nd row seat folded.’
    • ‘Even with the rear seats raised, the loadspace is capable of taking the bulkiest of items.’
    • ‘Each gives you a choice of cabs, loadspace, and payloads so whatever your needs, there's a model to suit.’
    • ‘Protect the interior fabric of your loadspace up to window height with this flexible, heavy-duty, waterproof Liner.’
    • ‘We can supply the trailers in standard form or we can build a kit to transform the loadspace into whatever you wish.’
    • ‘Whichever Relay body operators choose, they'll be getting one of the most practical and thoughtfully designed loadspaces in the class.’
    • ‘More importantly, I can carry all my tools in the car, and be less worried about walking away from it because - and this is a biggie for me in the utilitarian department - the loadspaces are lockable.’
    • ‘At the rear, a full height, top hinged tailgate, flanked by high visibility rear lamp clusters, is designed to offer full width access to the loadspace throughout the low-silled aperture.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers increase the flexibility of their closed loadspaces by adding folding rear seats to allow the occasional transport of luggage that would have otherwise required a much larger vehicle.’
    • ‘Is the only way to do this using each of these with separate loadspaces?’



/ˈlōdspās/ /ˈloʊdspeɪs/