Definition of loaner in English:



See loan

‘There is an inescapable irony that what began for him - and indeed the donors or loaners - as an aspirational dream of ermine has ended in the social indignity that only the threat of the policeman's knock can bring.’
  • ‘I'm genuinely touched by this, and as a fellow scooter rider, might try to make the ride - but I'll need a 150 cc loaner.’
  • ‘In the 1980s, the Conservative Party also received loans that magically resulted in the loaner getting a peerage, and it still does the same thing today.’
  • ‘No worries, they'll gladly provide you with a loaner for the day.’
  • ‘To their credit, they made no fuss, and arranged to repair the old thing and give me a loaner while it was being fixed.’



/ˈlōnər/ /ˈloʊnər/