Definition of loathsomeness in English:



See loathsome

‘Never mind, rather like buses, if you miss one chance to comment on the tabloids insensitivity, self-aggrandisement, condescension and general loathsomeness there bound to be another chance coming along shortly.’
  • ‘But there is an admirable lack of the loathsomeness of punning headlines; everywhere, the book plays it straight, and plays it true.’
  • ‘Loathsome as it is to try to beg for your life when you were willing to kill others, it is at least a very human form of loathsomeness.’
  • ‘And now that the spiritual loathsomeness of our venture has been indicated, let us proceed.’
  • ‘This reviewer can best be compared to that kind of marketplace loafer; they have not only loathsomeness in common but also their aim: to earn a little drink money - by carrying home and by reviewing.’



/ˈlōTHsəmnəs/ /ˈloʊθsəmnəs/ /ˈlōT͟Hsəmnəs/ /ˈloʊðsəmnəs/