Definition of lobar in English:



Anatomy Medicine
  • Relating to or affecting a lobe, especially a whole lobe of a lung.

    ‘It may be extensive and cover a whole lobe or whole lung and obliterate lobar fissures.’
    • ‘Dysanaptic growth could potentially impose a functional limit after therapeutic intervention such as pediatric lobar lung transplant.’
    • ‘The chest radiograph among persons with advanced HIV infection and pulmonary TB, for example, might have lower lobe and lobar infiltrates, hilar adenopathy, or interstitial infiltrates.’
    • ‘After close inspection, it was seen that the bronchus to the left lower lobe was totally transected and the lobe hung on the lobar vessels.’
    • ‘If the infection spreads to one or more compartments in the lung it is called lobar pneumonia.’



/ˈlōˌbär/ /ˈloʊˌbɑr/