Definition of lobectomy in English:


Pronunciation /lōˈbektəmē/ /loʊˈbɛktəmi/


  • Surgical removal of a lobe of an organ such as the thyroid gland, lung, or liver.

    ‘Patients with peripheral tumors with or without metastases to hilar nodes are usually treated with surgical lobectomy or pneumonectomy.’
    • ‘The subjects were consecutive patients who required pneumonectomy or lobectomy for small peripheral lung nodules; they were not selected to represent an obstructed and nonobstructed group.’
    • ‘Seven days after the bronchoscopy the patient went to the operating room for a right lower lobe lobectomy and wedge biopsy of the right middle lung.’
    • ‘The patient underwent right hepatic lobectomy with total resection of the lesions based on surgical exploration and intraoperative ultrasound examination.’
    • ‘Human bronchi were obtained from lung resections or lobectomies and cultured as previously described.’
    • ‘The right middle lobe was emphysematous and a right middle lobectomy was performed.’