Definition of loblolly in English:


nounplural noun loblollies

  • 1

    (also loblolly pine)
    A pine tree of the southern US that has very long slender needles and is an important source of timber.

    Pinus taeda, family Pinaceae

    ‘In loblolly pine, the leading timber species of North America, the physical and chemical properties of wood have been studied extensively in a single population of modest size.’
    • ‘Dry woodland has a diversity of species but is dominated by loblolly pine, rock chestnut oak, and a shrubby layer of azaleas and New Jersey tea.’
    • ‘Both experienced considerable damage from an ice-storm in 1994, which appeared to have had the greatest negative impact on loblolly pine.’
    • ‘This project combines fire rehabilitation with watershed and ecosystem restoration on sites where loblolly pine has been ravaged by bugs and blight.’
    • ‘Since officials began aggressively suppressing wildfire, many of Florida's forests have been taken over by slash and loblolly pine.’
  • 2

    (also loblolly bay)
    A small evergreen tree of the tea family, with leaves that resemble those of the bay and white flowers resembling those of the camellia, native to the southeastern US.

    Gordonia lasianthus, family Theaceae

    ‘Swamp bay, loblolly bay, and swamp dogwood are plentiful; the Virginia chain fern and the swamp fern are almost always present.’
    • ‘After lunch, we abandon our canoes and slog through knee-high water to Panther Mound, a raised piece of land, or hammock, thick with gumbo-limbo trees, loblollies, and strangler figs.’
    • ‘Jonathan Evans, who teaches biology at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, says the industry needs to quit pushing the fantasy that replacing all these trees with loblolly is ‘reforestation.’’
  • 3A marshy patch of ground.

  • 4Cooking
    dated A thick mush or gruel.



/ˈläbˌlälē/ /ˈlɑbˌlɑli/


Late 16th century (denoting thick gruel): the reason for the application of the word to the two plants, and the word's origin, are unknown.