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lobster pot

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(also lobster trap)
  • A trap used for catching lobsters, typically of a type that resembles a basket or crate.

    ‘Your dad caught it in a lobster pot he found on one of his famous forays on the beach.’
    • ‘Of course, as we hadn't caught one, I had insisted this be carried over, especially as Paul had had so much fun playing the lobster pot I picked up the rod while Davy fitted me up with the fighting harness.’
    • ‘A seahorse clings to a lobster pot at Lynch's Reef, Kaikoura’
    • ‘Shelton balanced the lobster pot up on the gunwale.’
    • ‘When a lobster pot wraps my rudder or prop, I use the tree saw and stay dry.’
    • ‘This had, however, fallen forward onto the deck, possibly dragged down by the snagged lobster pot that had led to the wreck being found.’
    • ‘A lobster pot on a line near the twin arches of Cathedral Rock was deliberately filled with stones.’
    • ‘He hung onto a lobster pot for a couple of minutes until he realised his predicament, and made his ascent as slowly as he could.’
    • ‘Police divers found the boat after locating a lobster pot which had lodged at the bottom of the sea bed.’
    • ‘I mentioned this yarn to a non-knitter, who's thoughts on the subject were, what a waste of a perfectly good lobster pot.’
    • ‘The house could also be a chapel or from some angles a boat or lobster pot.’
    • ‘Their habits are such that they can only be caught in special lobster pots, and the fishery for them is relatively expensive and arduous.’
    • ‘Kate makes notes of lobster pots left by local fishermen.’
    • ‘A very rare specimen of a ‘Trigger Fish’ has been caught by a local fisherman in one of his lobster pots.’
    • ‘From the front door of the restaurant she can almost watch her suppliers checking their lobster pots and bringing in their catch.’
    • ‘In the calm of the early morning you can see, from your bed in some cases, fishermen rowing silently and pulling their lobster pots, even occasionally pods of dolphins jumping.’
    • ‘If the sea bottom was under-exploited, it could grow claws, eight legs, and a spring-action tail - and watch out for lobster pots.’
    • ‘The latest is a ban on the use of cow hides and hocks as a holding bait in lobster pots - a ban most crayfishermen support.’
    • ‘They scratched a living from shrimp and whelk, operating one or two lobster pots and surviving on what the trawlermen chucked back into the waters.’


lobster pot

/ˈläbstər ˌpät/ /ˈlɑbstər ˌpɑt/