Definition of lobular in English:




See lobule

‘The remaining glomeruli showed lobular accentuation of the glomerular tufts secondary to diffusely increased cellularity, thickened capillary loops, and excess accumulation of mesangial matrix.’
  • ‘Arteries supplying the thymus follow the connective tissue septa and give off branches that enter the lobular cortex and break up into capillaries, which supply the cortex.’
  • ‘On microscopic evaluation, the majority of the thymus retained its usual lobular architecture and exhibited both cortical and medullary hyperplasia, with high cellularity and minimal fatty infiltration.’
  • ‘Other areas were densely cellular with a lobular infiltrate of plump endothelial cells surrounding small capillaries.’
  • ‘This classification was based on the belief that ductal carcinomas arose from ducts and lobular carcinomas from lobules.’



/ˈläbyələr/ /ˈlɑbjələr/