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‘There are loads of storage compartments, including illuminated, lockable and air-conditioned glovebox, storage compartments in the front and rear doors, as well as storage pockets on the front seat backs.’
  • ‘The lockable mahogany cabinet was designed to file the important legal documents and business accounts used in managing the Battie-Wrightson family estates in South Yorkshire and the north-east of England.’
  • ‘Cost of ownership and the fun factor aren't the only strengths of his great little machine. There's tons of storage space under the seat and in the glovebox underneath the handlebars, both of which are lockable.’
  • ‘With this in mind, environmental health officers expressed their concern about overnight noise at the Corsham proposals and recommended that a lockable fence surround the skate park and hours of operation be imposed.’
  • ‘I hope that one day the Post Office gets round to installing a smart lockable box on all our doorsteps, because then I can order whatever I like, within reason, and be sure it'll be at home even if I'm not.’



/ˈläkəb(ə)l/ /ˈlɑkəb(ə)l/