Definition of lockage in English:



  • 1The construction or use of locks on waterways.

    ‘When you are within a couple miles, monitor Channel 14 to hear if other boats are requesting lockage.’
    • ‘Availability of this type of lockage depends on the ship traffic for the day, and as such cannot be scheduled.’
    • ‘Remain moored until the lockage is complete, the gate is fully opened, and the lockmaster signals you to depart.’
    • ‘If you are required to wait, the lockmaster should be able to give an approximate time available for lockage.’
    • ‘The towboat alone is separated from its barges and moved alongside the barges for lockage.’
    • ‘There would be descending lockage the whole way, and the Lake Erie water would have continued in the Canal until it arrived at the Hudson!’
    • ‘The question of lockage becomes a very interesting point.’
    1. 1.1The amount of rise and fall of water levels resulting from the use of locks.
      • ‘The lockage in Rhode Island varies by only a few between the actual and the estimated; while in Massachusetts, there is a great deal of difference in the number.’
    2. 1.2Money paid as a toll for the use of a lock.



/ˈläkij/ /ˈlɑkɪdʒ/