Definition of locomotor in English:



  • Relating to locomotion.

    ‘locomotor organs’
    • ‘The labroid fishes are pectoral fin locomotor specialists and a model for examining fin-based swimming.’
    • ‘Activation of the dentate gyrus may merely reflect the intensity of the locomotor activity after the animals have already decided how intensely they want to run.’
    • ‘Movement in a rectilinear manner decreases the resistive forces associated with the locomotor activity and minimizes the distance traveled.’
    • ‘We would be remiss not to reiterate that plants and animals differ, of course, in many ways other than in behavioral and locomotor capacities.’
    • ‘In contrast to fish myomeres, the axial locomotor muscles of dolphins are organized into longitudinal tracts as is typical of mammals.’



/ˌlōkəˈmōdər/ /ˌloʊkəˈmoʊdər/


Early 19th century from locomotion+ motor.