Definition of locomotory in English:



  • Relating to or having the power of locomotion.

    ‘locomotory cilia’
    • ‘The Ecdysozoa, all of which molt and lack motile locomotory cilia, include priapulids, kinorhynchs, nematodes, nematomorphs, tardigrades, onychophorans, and arthropods.’
    • ‘The ‘quilt’ itself was probably the collagenous basement membrane of a dorsal unit acting both as a hydraulic skeleton and muscular locomotory organ perhaps analogous to the set of myomeres in chordates.’
    • ‘The epidermis is cellular and does not possess any locomotory cilia.’
    • ‘Several recent studies have examined the interrelationships of tetrapods in global analyses and are crucial to considerations of the origins of locomotory features in amniotes.’
    • ‘If so, the oldest traces of locomotory activities of the metazoans should be connected with their infaunal life.’



/ˌlōkəˈmōdərē/ /ˌloʊkəˈmoʊdəri/