Definition of locoweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlōkōˌwēd/ /ˈloʊkoʊˌwid/

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  • 1A plant of the pea family that can cause a brain disorder if eaten by livestock, the symptoms of which include unpredictable behavior and loss of coordination.

    Genus Astragalus (and Oxytropis), family Leguminosae

    ‘Rocky summit species include the rather rare Huddleson's locoweed, a three-to-four-inch-tall, hairy white plant that produces pink-to-purple flowers and oversize seed pods.’
    • ‘Ralphs et al. suggested no difference in locoweed consumption between native cattle and cattle introduced to locoweed under natural grazing conditions.’
    • ‘For instance, cattle could be averted to locoweed or known eaters could be removed and placed in locoweed-free areas to prevent social facilitation.’
    • ‘The locoweed site was selected based on dense and uniform concentration of white locoweed.’
    • ‘Bite count data were analyzed by totaling the number of bites of cool season grasses, warm season grasses, forbs, and locoweed per day and calculating a percentage of each.’
  • 2US informal Cannabis.