Definition of log in in English:

log in

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phrasal verb

(also log on)
  • 1Go through the procedures to begin using a computer, database, or system.

    ‘I received the email with the new password and logged in without a hitch’
    • ‘I just logged on and read your post’
    • ‘Since you are already identifying users when they log in, returning preferred style sheets would be a snap.’
    • ‘In order to get access, a user should log in into the system.’
    • ‘Users who have not logged in to the system are invited to do so if they already have an account or to join the system as a member if they do not yet have an account.’
    • ‘The workstations ran Windows XP Pro, and all students logged in using a single user name and password local to the workstation.’
    • ‘Users log in with their e-mail addresses and a password to access the bug database.’
    • ‘Every user needs to log in with a legitimate username/password combination to post references and comments.’
    • ‘When a user logs in, he or she is initially at Home Page view.’
    • ‘In Figure 2, one can see from the IP addresses that the root user was logged in from different clients.’
    • ‘These lines list the time at which the login attempt was made, the user who tried to log in as another user, if available, and the target user.’
    • ‘Sputnik requires users to log in before using the system, so a wireless network provider knows who's tapping its resources.’
    1. 1.1log someone in, log in someoneAllow or enable someone to go through the procedures to begin using a computer, database, or system.
      • ‘this feature automatically restarts your computer and logs you on after you install a Windows update’