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  • 1A gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden.

    ‘Simply snip off some of those extra rooms and loggias, and the core remains a livable and viably affordable house to build.’
    • ‘All face east-west with deep loggias on their west sides and small balconies on the east.’
    • ‘The rear of the house opens to the garden through a long loggia.’
    • ‘Sert talked of a ‘meridional architecture’ in which vernacular devices, such as loggias, terraces, awnings and screens, would be re-interpreted in modernist form.’
    • ‘The gallery originated in the open colonnaded loggias of Antiquity and was first developed in France.’
    • ‘Decked with Gothic windows, Renaissance loggias and Baroque stairways, the city's public spaces emulate the comfortable stride and swagger of Shakespeare's stage Italy.’
    • ‘It seems fitting to begin the tour in the Italian galleries, reached through the classical courtyard and up the stairs to rooms off the loggia.’
    • ‘Here are elegantly arched courtyards filled with birdsong and the splash of fountains, a vaulted loggia and walled Arab garden, and everywhere tubs of orange trees and coiling branches of jasmine to scent the air.’
    • ‘The decision was made, at a date most commonly assumed to have been in 1517, to close the open loggia at the southern corner of the building, which had hitherto given Florentine citizens a convenient point of access to the palace.’
    • ‘Accented with beautiful gardens, a covered loggia and a fireplace creating a picturesque setting for parties and other social happenings, The Paseo Club strives to be at the center of its members' social lives.’
    • ‘Outfitted with a custom pool table, game table, refrigerator, and easy chairs, it opens to a spacious loggia with a view.’
    • ‘Beyond is a glass-roofed loggia, which connects the cafeteria to an outdoor terrace and the main oval.’
    • ‘The loggia around the courtyard on this floor contains the museum's excellent collection of maiolica pottery and glazed terra-cotta sculptures made in Italy during the Renaissance.’
    • ‘The architects carved a loggia into the base of all four buildings to provide a continuous pedestrian space around the courtyard as well as covered access to each building.’
    • ‘At Laurelton Hall each of the four columns on the terrace loggia has a capital depicting a different flower in its various stages from bud, to bloom, to seedpod.’
    • ‘The building envelope is usually formed from balconies and loggias, creating a semi-public layer enclosed by an external skin of folding or sliding shutters.’
    • ‘Light radiated through the gorgeous stained glass of medieval cathedrals and glimmered in arcaded loggias.’
    • ‘Extending out from the pavilion is a large loggia, which in time will be colonized by deciduous local vines, forming a green gateway.’
    • ‘On the south side, a first floor loggia with Ionic columns overlooked the garden; on the north, a horseshoe staircase leads in Palladian manner to a terrace and a two-storey cubic hall.’
    • ‘Nora and Amanda made their way to the loggia, a large patio at ground level on the seaside of the house.’
    1. 1.1An open-sided extension to a house.



/ˈlôj(ē)ə/ /ˈlɔdʒ(i)ə/ /ˈlōj(ē)ə/ /ˈloʊdʒ(i)ə/


Mid 18th century from Italian, ‘lodge’.