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(also logon)
  • An act of logging in to a computer, database, or system.

    ‘After booting, if the keyboard and display are connected, the usual Linux login prompt is displayed and a root login can be done.’
    • ‘A number of offices have precisely this kind of setup for their Linux system - it serves as an e-mail or Internet gateway and allows no logins.’
    • ‘Disable graphical logins and exit the currently running X server.’
    • ‘The basic system involves a single login to a central server.’
    • ‘Following a successful login, I was presented with the main Mason-CM index screen.’
    • ‘Once the application has the result, it prints out a message to a message box to show if the login was successful.’
    • ‘The final DEBUG statement records a successful logon to the network.’
    • ‘After a restart or a new login, the sound configuration would be lost, resulting in no more sound.’



/ˈlôɡˌin/ /ˈlɔɡˌɪn/ /ˈläɡˌin/ /ˈlɑɡˌɪn/