Definition of logistically in English:


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  • In a way that relates to logistics.

    ‘they offered their support both financially and logistically’
    • ‘moving equipment from place to place was logistically challenging’
    • ‘Such a vote is logistically flawed.’
    • ‘Screening the general population for glaucoma is neither cost effective nor logistically feasible.’
    • ‘The company has to stay on its toes logistically.’
    • ‘Some techniques would probably not be possible logistically in a larger classroom.’
    • ‘Logistically, obtaining everyone's signatures may be a bit of a problem.’
    • ‘Nothing will slow enrollment more quickly than a protocol that is logistically difficult to carry out or involves tricky data collection.’
    • ‘It is impossible to logistically manage such an immense volume of traffic.’
    • ‘The close proximity of Scotland made it logistically feasible for single Scottish men to return home to choose a suitable marriage partner.’
    • ‘By logistically supporting a beleaguered population, political and military interests can be secured.’
    • ‘This has the practical advantage that they can be sustained logistically from the amphibious group just offshore.’



/ˌləˈjistək(ə)lē/ /ˌləˈdʒɪstək(ə)li/