Definition of logogram in English:



  • A sign or character representing a word or phrase, such as those used in shorthand and some writing systems.

    ‘The history of writing systems progresses from pictorial representations, to logograms, and eventually to the alphabet.’
    • ‘A pictogram that stands for a specific idea or meaning is an ideogram; one that stands for an individual word is a logogram.’
    • ‘Logotypes and logograms push typography in the direction of hieroglyphics, which tend to be looked at rather than read.’
    • ‘In his later paintings he used quasi-Oriental calligraphic forms that he called logograms.’
    symbol, mark, cipher, letter, character, numeral, figure, type, code, hieroglyph



/ˈlōɡəˌɡram/ /ˈloʊɡəˌɡræm/


Mid 19th century from Greek logos ‘word’+ -gram.