Definition of logotype in English:



  • 1Printing
    A single piece of type that prints a word or group of separate letters.

    1. 1.1A single piece of type that prints a logo or emblem.
    2. 1.2A logo.
      ‘Gurus like Wally Olins preached the value of making your strategy visible through symbols, logotypes, colors and typefaces.’
      • ‘An embossed logotype of the manufacturer is glued to each module.’
      • ‘She had already been revamped several times since her birth as a logotype in 1914.’
      • ‘Instead of a conventional graphic logotype, the emblem is simply the legend ‘Fair Trade ‘hand-lettered and underlined.’’
      • ‘The picture appears to be meant as a sort of logotype to identify the kind of information included in the oval, although usually the value added by the picture is minimal at best.’
      emblem, trademark



/ˈlôɡəˌtīp/ /ˈlɔɡəˌtaɪp/ /ˈläɡəˌtīp/ /ˈlɑɡəˌtaɪp/ /ˈlōɡəˌtīp/ /ˈloʊɡəˌtaɪp/


Early 19th century from Greek logos ‘word’+ type.