Definition of logy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlōɡē/ /ˈloʊɡi/

adjectivelogier, logiest

North American
  • Dull and heavy in motion or thought; sluggish.

    ‘the beer made them logy and disinclined to move’
    • ‘Perhaps the logy staging and heavy costumes are meant to represent the Austrian oppression of Switzerland.’
    • ‘Lured too soon from its winter sleeping berth - a hole or crack somewhere in the old window's workings - the logy brown wasp staggers across the outer pane of glass.’
    • ‘Starting at a climax and retreating from there, a logy middle section evaporates into a yawning abyss exactly five minutes wide.’
    lethargic, listless, lacking in energy, unenergetic, lifeless, inert, inactive, slow, torpid, dull, languid, apathetic, passive, unresponsive, weary, tired, fatigued, sleepy, half asleep, drowsy, heavy-eyed, enervated, somnolent


Mid 19th century of uncertain origin; compare with Dutch log ‘heavy, dull’.



/ˈlōɡē/ /ˈloʊɡi/