Definition of lolcat in English:


(also LOLcat)

Pronunciation /ˈlälkat/ /ˈlɑlkæt/


  • (on the Internet) a photograph of a cat accompanied by a humorous caption written typically in a misspelled and grammatically incorrect version of English.

    ‘whether it's flicking through Facebook, giggling at lolcats, or snooping on shopping sites, there's always something to pull your attention away from work’
    as modifier ‘if you refuse to talk to your stockbroker in anything but LOLcat speak (I can haz dividend?) then you've got problems’
    • ‘Got some wonderful captures of Chino the other evening, which will get the LOLcat treatment eventually.’
    • ‘OK, let that be the last lolcat picture, lest we inundated by a flood of irrelevant cuteness.’
    • ‘In the words of the lolcat: not want.’
    • ‘She can focus on her work, Skype with her friends, and watch lolcat videos on YouTube without worrying about her sound driver.’
    • ‘What fun is social media if you can't photoshop lolcats into photos of your friends and share the results with them?’
    • ‘The tune seemed like a joke, the kind of thing you would forward onto friends who appreciated LOLcats humour.’
    • ‘When the music resumed at midnight, I had no choice but to go sit in the living room and look at pictures of lolcats until it stopped.’
    • ‘LOLcats are funny, and it's also funny that there's so much time and energy being poured into the creation of these things.’
    • ‘I found myself a few minutes ago, by mistake, on a lolcats website. The lolcat is the essential representation of the malaise of contemporary life: people with too much time on their hands and no idea how to use it.’


Early 21st century from LOL + cat.



/ˈlälkat/ /ˈlɑlkæt/