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intransitive verbintransitive verb lollygags, intransitive verb lollygagging, intransitive verb lollygagged

(also lallygag)
[no object]
  • 1North American informal Spend time aimlessly; idle.

    • ‘he sends her to Arizona every January to lollygag in the sun’
    • ‘Eliza spends some time lollygagging around but doesn't seem interested in actually catching a pig.’
    • ‘His skin was fairer than his sibling's, which led Blank to believe he spent fewer hours lollygagging outside.’
    • ‘This meant you could get up and go over to the other side of the room and lollygag around in the line for sharpening pencils.’
    • ‘A couple of times she told riders that their horses were ‘window shopping’ which meant the horse was lollygagging around the ring, not paying attention.’
    • ‘The cadets should feel like they are ‘on a mission,’ he says, with no time to waste lollygagging around campus.’
    do nothing, be inactive, vegetate, sit back, take it easy, rest on one's oars, mark time, kick one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs, kill time, languish, laze, laze about, laze, laze around, lounge, lounge about, lounge, lounge around, loll, loll about, loll, loll around, loaf, loaf about, loaf, loaf around, slouch, slouch about, slouch, slouch around
    1. 1.1Dawdle.
      ‘we're lollygagging along’
      • ‘Just as I never lollygag my way through a workout, neither am I concerned with rushing it.’
      unhurried, leisurely, measured, moderate, deliberate, steady, sedate, slow-moving, slow-going, easy, relaxed, unrushed, gentle, undemanding, comfortable



/ˈlälēˌɡaɡ/ /ˈlɑliˌɡæɡ/


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.