Definition of lolz in English:


(also lols)

plural noun

  • Fun, laughter, or amusement.

    ‘‘OMG,’ she scolded, ‘this is no time for lolz’’
    ‘the image was immediately posted on Facebook, just for lols’
    as exclamation ‘Tell him to call his wife if you see him! Lolz’
    • ‘Basically nothing's happened yet, lolz.’
    • ‘The bike she wanted to show me wasn't there ... lolz ... so we checked out the toys instead.’
    • ‘Lolz, it was sappy wasn't it?’
    • ‘I want to be able to talk to him and act like I normally do around my friends ... lolz ... like not being all jumpy or shifty.’
    • ‘Comments like this are why I cannot join in the "lolz at public schoolboys trying to understand hip-hop" mindset.’
    • ‘Keep up the good work lolz.’
    • ‘Nothing is more obnoxious to a business guy than asking a question about OSS Project X version 2.2 and being told "Why are you still using 2.2, lolz?"’
    • ‘If trolls who are in it for the lolz see that they can stir up a lot of trouble in your comments they will make an account.’
    • ‘I'm reading a bad romance novel for the lols.’
    • ‘I'm much, much more impressed with fan films like Hunt for Gollum, which at least put some effort into their craft, while still operating for the love and (grits teeth) lols.’
    • ‘Since I didn't know how to cook, I took the easiest thing, and just warmed it up and put some salt and pepper and butter in it, lols.’
    • ‘But people always say I look like a 13 year old lolz.’
    • ‘And don't forget to submit your own work lols right here.’
    • ‘I'm getting 650 euros from them at the end of this month, which is practically going to be my ticket to Japan next year lolz.’
    • ‘My nephew is only 2 and he acts like the man of the house, lols.’
    • ‘I shaved half my hair off yesterday lols.’
    • ‘Goodness it has been one insane week so far, lolz!’
    • ‘Don't blame me, blame Twitter, lolz.’
    • ‘I come here for the lolz - it's funny to read how mad people are.’
    • ‘Did he get the message? Lolz!’


1990s alteration of LOL.