Definition of long-limbed in English:


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  • Tall with long legs and arms.

    ‘a beautiful long-limbed dancer’
    • ‘The seats are amazingly comfortable, with plenty of legroom, even for a fairly long-limbed individual like myself.’
    • ‘In the rain forests of Southeast Asia live the most agile of all mammals: the slender, long-limbed gibbons.’
    • ‘Zhu Yan, an exquisite long-limbed dancer in her mid-twenties, movingly danced the heroine.’
    • ‘The first of Call's experiments involved five orangutans and five bonobos, long-limbed cousins of chimpanzees.’
    • ‘There are several intensely elegant and unbelievably flexible, long-limbed movements and poses.’
    • ‘Olympic swimmers also tend to be tall and long-limbed.’
    • ‘I work in advertising, so I spend my days pestered by swarms of lissom, long-limbed supermodels.’
    • ‘Smith is a long-limbed, athletic player, and his biggest asset is his perimeter shot.’
    • ‘There's her Amazonian height for one thing (she admits to 5ft 11, although, long-limbed and imposing in the flesh, she could easily be taller).’
    • ‘A long-limbed young man lopes past me, wearing sunglasses and carrying an umbrella for shade.’



/ˌlôNGˈlimd/ /ˌlɔŋˈlɪmd/