Definition of long ago in English:

long ago


  • In the distant past.

    ‘long ago an unmarried girl was considered her father's property’
    • ‘her son died long ago’
    • ‘time has marched on since my long-ago youth’
    • ‘Long ago when I was in high school, my baseball coach provided "oil of wintergreen" for our sore muscles.’
    • ‘It might have been part of a pirate or a viking ship long ago.’
    • ‘It's way too late but these children should have been adopted by capable parents long ago.’
    • ‘Long ago, marriage was more financially motivated than a matter of the heart.’
    • ‘Long ago, ice used to be a novelty, shipped across the world in massive chunks carved from frozen lakes and rivers.’
    • ‘Long ago, barbers played a prominent role in medicine and dentistry.’
    • ‘Longer ago than I care to remember, I was privileged enough to be elected student union president of my college.’
    • ‘The energy is all derived from the photosynthesis of plants long ago.’
    • ‘The Andamanese have a number of stories which are told to the younger people by their elders and relate to the doings of their ancestors in a time long ago.’
    • ‘Attempts to transmute other metals to gold may have been made as long ago as the Bronze Age.’
    long ago, bygone